How do we work?

First of all, my office is a small, family friendly place.  I keep things small and simple so that we can focus more on you and your needs.

I intend an atmosphere of love and healing, acceptance and support.  I wish you well.  I aim for each and every visit to be a step forward to relief of suffering, clarification of your situation, and a clear path forward on your journey to health.  My goal is your optimal health, development, and relationships with no expectations or limitations on how far we can go.

Although I don’t accept insurance payment or bill insurance, my rates are kept as low as possible because I am not supporting a large infrastructure.  I do provide a bill that you may be able to use to defray your deductible expenses.

We use a broad spectrum of healing modalities.  I use all of the tools of the traditional Western medicine trade, including the laboratory, the judicious use of treatment for infections such as fungus, virus, and bacteria, seizure disorders and the like.

In addition we have a strong focus on Functional Medicine approaches the DAN and MAPS approach, based on optimal nutrition, supplements, metabolism and detoxification, and balancing the immune system.  The modern brain is under stress from poor nutrition, chemical and biologic toxicity, complex infection, allergy and immune overload, and these all must be addressed to make long term changes in all chronic allergic, digestive, developmental, behavioral, and neurologic conditions.

The structural issues resulting from prenatal stresses, injuries, chronic tension can have very profound effects on pain, development, neurology, mood and behavior.  We address these with craniosacral therapy approaches (

I also use homeopathy, German Biologic medicines and energy medicine.

Frequency specific microcurrent ( is an important addition to our armamentarium. Inflamed, dysfunctional, and stressed tissues very often are “stuck” in an alarmed and reactive state.  Stress responses don’t come back to relaxation, pain alarms are not reset after the injury has long healed, and defensive reactions of the body are kept in alarm states long after the threat has disappeared.  This contributes to the wear and tear on the system.  By giving the body the restorative “all clear” signal, many times pathological situations seem to relax and heal quickly.

How do we reset and reboot parts of the nervous system that are out of sync and not functioning optimally?  Medications can help, but often have unwanted side effects or effects on broader tissues than we need.  One answer that is coming into the forefront more and more is biofeedback, specifically neurofeedback.  Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) is a key ingredient in helping our clients to get well, especially from brain injuries, mood issues, attention issues, and other neurological disorders.

Most of all, we listen carefully to your needs and concerns, and monitor the results we are getting.

Healing is not a cookbook activity.  It must be individualized, monitored, and modified based on individual sensitivities and responses.  In a sense, every person is a scientific study of one person.  What we have learned before can guide our approach, but no human being ever fit a medical textbook or an evidence-based clinical trial exactly.  We are done with blaming our patients for not responding as the clinical guidelines have told them they should.  It is not their fault.  It is our job to do our best to help find solutions, even if they are elsewhere.  We can’t (and don’t) promise a cure for everybody, but we do commit our effort and intent to helping each and every client to less suffering, more functioning, and more health!