Dr.Gene Nathan

I am a pediatrician who has worked in San Diego for 34 years, first as  a general pediatrician, then as a community systems developer, and finally as an integrative physician caring for children and their parents.  In 2012, my family and I moved up to Sonoma County, in Northern California, and we love it.  After 2 years of charity work in India, we have settled close to our family, in Teton Valley, Idaho.

During my career I have been awarded one the Best Doctors in San Diego more than once, and was President of the San Diego chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics for over 4 years.
My goal throughout my career is to help children and their families be their best and feel their best. In my studies, I left no stone unturned: I studied pharmacology, dermatology, infectious diseases, child development, early childhood and infant mental health, chronic diseases, systems of care, as well as alternative and integrated practice modalities, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal remedies, massage, functional medicine, Neurofeedback and DAN practice. I approach helping families with an open mind and an open heart.
I have watched how the stresses of modern life have created new and increasing health problems for the family: rising numbers of children with learning problems, ADD, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, mental health challenges, allergies, asthma, digestive issues, and the like, while at the same time, the families who care for these children are more stressed than ever before.

Parents are suffering from exhaustion, stress, anxiety, depression, and many of the same conditions their children face.
When I practiced in managed care organizations, I was given less and less time to listen and truly help families in distress, and I felt more and more pressure to quickly pigeon hole people into disease categories where I could prescribe medications, fill out forms, and move onto the next patient, all within 15 minutes. Under the guise of “evidence based practice”, the flexibility to create a care plan for an individual family with its unique values, needs, culture, and support was eliminated. Anyone who wasn’t the “average” patient with ADD, asthma, eczema, etc., was a problem to the system, and probably a hypochondriac or malingerer.
Many treatments that were clearly indicated also became unavailable – speech and language, therapy, unconventional vaccine schedules, educational care. It became harder and harder for me to feel good about helping families feel good.
Other therapies, such as nutritional approaches, acupuncture, craniosacral massage, manipulation, biofeedback that seemed to work well in a number of cases, not only were not covered by insurance, but actively shunned by the system.

That is why I offer a different type of service for families. A consultation with follow up for children and their families with health concerns that takes the necessary time, crafts a plan specific for your family’s values, beliefs, and ecosystem, and utilizes a broad palette of modalities which can help step by step with complex conditions and situations.

This is not a substitute for a primary care pediatrician, family doctor, or internist. I do not provide emergency care, well child care, vaccinations, and the like. I refer families back to their established medical care for those needs.
I provide another point of view, based in experience, that is here to help your children and you to feel your best. I aim to listen where others prescribe reflexively. I empathize with your point of view. My expanded view of development can offer insight instead of mere formulas. I can help steer a family through the maze of alternatives when they are faced with difficult choices to help their children. I offer support for you to help you maintain your energy and your spirit while coping with the needs of your family.

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