Quick reference to Gene Nathan MD Consults


Consultant who combines traditional Western medicine with integrative health.  In addition to background in conventional Western medicine, incorporating knowledge and experience in nutrition, homeopathy, isopathy, electric frequency medicine, Low Energy Neurofeedback, Zyto and body work. DAN and MAPS trained, LDA coming soon. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Healthy children
  • Children and young adults with behavioral, developmental, and digestive problems
  • ADD, Autism, Learning Issues
  • Healing for the results of toxic stress
  • Support for parents
  • Biomedical support for those who have battling bad habits, tendencies, and addictions
  • Recovering health by balancing and counteracting the toxicity of modern life.

Location:         47 Main Street,  Driggs, ID 83422

Mailing address: PO Box 655 Driggs ID 83422

                              Phone: 619 392 4313. 

                              E-mail: genenathanconsults@gmail.com.

Background information:

*Graduated from medical school at the University of Rochester in 1976. Studied pediatrics at UCSD, with two years of chief residency and fellowship.

*Practiced in San Diego for 35 years at Children’s Hospital and at Scripps Clinic. Served as Medical director for Center for Healthier Community at: Rady Children’s Hospital; the Academy of Pediatrics in San Diego; Healthy Development program. Consultant to the Regional Center in San Diego and the First Five Commission of Los Angeles County.

*Acquired additional training in homeopathy, acupuncture, early childhood mental health, educational care, functional and integrative medicine, neurofeedback, mindfulness and energy medicine.  Completed a fellowship in early childhood mental health in 2011. Medical practice offering integrative care of autism and related conditions in children and adults since 2010.

Traveled to India to study Ayurveda and do medical charity work

Licensed in California, Montana, and Idaho.

Professional and personal philosophy:

*In our modern life, our bodies, mind, and spirit are under pressure from unrelenting stress, toxic chemicals, radiation, and information, distracted relationships, artificial foodstuffs from depleted soils, and infections and injuries.  We are innately healthy, and have great capacities for self healing.  As these pressures keep increasing, our bodies may need more support.

*These conditions come front and center in the care of our rapidly growing population affected by autism spectrum disorders, learning issues, attention problems and related issues.  An explosion of research has not pinpointed the cause of this epidemic, but it has highlighted the role of specific genetic vulnerabilities to our increasing toxic burden and modern stressful and overwhelming lifestyle in its causation and severity.  More and more research shows the potential benefit of systematically addressing these systems in order to improve the life arc of affected individuals and their families.

*By incorporating methods to support nutrition and digestion, development, detoxification, relationships, and correcting structural issues, pre-conceptually, pre-natally, and through early childhood, it appears that there may be a great reduction in the numbers and severity of children experiencing these disorders.

*I take time with each individual or family. I work more in a consulting and supportive capacity, and do not provide acute care. Therefore I ask that each person have their own primary care or medical specialist with whom I can collaborate.