what is integrative medicine

I am asked all the time, “what do you do?” or “what is an integrative doctor?”. There is no quick answer to this question.
The simplest answer is that I treat people with the view of not only reducing symptoms for which they suffer, but also with a direction — to the integrity of their health. When the body, the mind, and the energy and efforts of an individual are pulling in the same direction, integrity takes over, and health results.
There is an inner healing system in everybody — it, more than anything else, is responsible for correcting pathology and distress in the body and the mind.
When things go amiss, we often are steered down the path to distress, pathology, and disease, what we call the vicious cycle. One injury, one trauma, one infection, one toxicant hits the system, derails it or unbalances it, and then we are more susceptible to the next hit. In modern life, we have a plethora of “hits” that our system is dealing with, many of which are new to nature, meaning they didn’t exist even 70 years ago, so our systems have not yet evolved to easily handle them.
So, for many of us, it is easy to veer down the vicious cycle path, collecting injuries, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and depression, and so on. After a number of years, we find that prescription medications constitute the biggest chunk of our monthly budget!
When we are only interested in treating a symptom, we can be a temporary hero, but in the end, nothing has set the body back towards health and healing.
That is where I come in — an integrative physician uses prescription medicines sparingly, but effectively. I also use ways of balancing the body with diet, herbs, neurofeedback, specific frequency treatments, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture point balancing, and so on, so that we are actually doing something that moves us to health — not just one thing, but a number of them.

When we do this, something magical happens! The body begins to get the idea of health and healing, and takes over the process. It is like sailing with a fair wind behind us. Then we establish a virtuous cycle, and we often can feel the results, the return of energy and hope, and inspiration again.

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