New to the Teton Valley

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

My dear wife and I have relocated to the beautiful Teton Valley in Idaho.

I have just been informed that my license to practice here is approved and I am “street legal”.

My practice is called “Integrative Medicine“.  That means I combine Western approaches with holistic and traditional healing practice to bring the best the world has to offer to the health challenges of modern life.  As a former Ph.D. student in pharmacology, I am glad that Western medicine has so many valuable medicines and procedures which have transformed the treatments of many conditions, especially acute ones.  Nevertheless, in chronic situations, most of these interventions at most hold the status quo, rather than curing them.  For real healing to take place, traditional and holistic treatments in my opinion are superior to Western medicine alone.

My practice includes neurofeedback, TENS, craniosacral therapy (via my wife Oksana), energy work, German Biological medicine, homeopathy, herbal and supplements to help with metabolism, parasites, infection, allergies, digestive problems, etc.

I have a great interest in the Brain, the Immune system, the digestive system, and infectious diseases, along with energy and the mind.  My initial training was in Pediatrics and developmental medicine, early childhood mental health, and community medicine.

I want to greet and welcome all of our new neighbors and friends.  I am here to serve and to offer my skills and heart to this area.  Please call or e-mail me and I will sit with you and find a way to help.


Dr Gene

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